Hi, I'm Trey! I love exploring drone tech and have been flying since I was old enough to hold the sticks.

I've been to every corner of Missouri capturing the hills, cities, fields, and lakes it has to offer.

My work focuses on capturing the beautiful, unique perspectives that can only be found in the air.

Working with drones at Missouri S&T has prepared me to be on the cutting edge of drone technology while still being safe, reliable, and knowing the ever-changing laws around drone tech.


Boy Scouts of America - Heart of America Council,  The Village at the Dabler Place, Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp, Scallywag's RV Park & Resort, Independent Homeowners


I started Foxtrot Photography with the hopes of growing my passion, and I deliver that drive to you in everything that I do. Whatever your project, I'll work with you to find the most affordable way to meet your goals in the air.


Details are essential to every project. I am part 107 certified (any drone pilot you hire should be, always double check), insured, and will research any airspace restrictions related to your project. Keeping you informed and making sure operations are safe is a critical part of what I do.